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Blood and Soul

Title: Blood & Soul
Author Name: A.L. Wilson
Publication Date & Length: October 2, 2014 – 67pgs


Chase is an exorcist without a lot of money to his name. It might have something to do with him taking on cases for nominal fees, or maybe because he occasionally stops in motels and pays for sex. Whatever the cause may be for his downtrodden luck; he moves from place to place, snagging up odd supernatural related jobs.

In his most recent interlude, a family is concerned that a beautiful European woman has put some sort of hex on their ailing relative. This wouldn’t be so much of a problem, were the old man not sitting on a fortune. Desperate to keep their hands on the money, they offer to pay Chase to look into the situation.

At first he’s not inclined to accept, being as this does not seem like subject matter for an exorcist, but after having a dream including crying children in a spooky mansion, he opts to look into it. Dreams about crying children are never good omens in his line of work.

True to form, when he arrives in town, the old man is dead and a raven-haired woman and her enchanting son have taken over the inheritance. The icing on the cake is they are living in a creepy house that just happens to be the one Chase saw in his dream.

It becomes a race against time to find out the true nature of the woman and her son, as children start to vanish from the small town and Chase hears shrieks in the night. The young exorcist fights to keep his mind on the situation at hand, but the male youth of the house is gorgeous and enticing. Is he also a prisoner of this strange woman’s magic and needs to be set free, or is he a fiend intent on seducing and killing the exorcist that’s getting in the way?

Will Chase find love in this difficult case or will the exorcist become a ghost?

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For me this book was hard to get into at first because there was so much mystery.  Too much mystery.  But once the story started getting going and we started finding out a bit about both characters and we could find some connection with the men.

The writing was actually pretty good. The biggest problem I had was that there was a lot of changes from past to present tenses, which killed the flow of the story for me.

I also had issues with the complete and utter insta-love between the characters. I mean first real conversation and they were in love. I understand that the paranormal aspect made them feel more quicker than normal, but it was just too fast for me.

Then the whole story is wrapped around the banshee, who ends up being a pretty easy case to settle so it was a quick wrap up that made me frown. I think if it were a longer book with more cases, or a more difficult closer, or expanded scenes maybe.. It was just missing… something for me.

I would read another piece of work from this author as the author seemed to have a lot of promise.



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As a young child A. L. held three aspirations which she vocally proclaimed to anyone that listened. She was either going to be an author, an actress or a psychologist.
It was only after her brother was diagnosed with Autism and Pervasive Development Disorder that her aspirations shifted from theater and prose to exclusively studying psychology.

However, she never truly left her flare for the dramatic behind. At the tender age of eight she was taking a starring role in Tom Sawyer; the following year it was Alice in Wonder Land. Then eventually her Senior year of High School she wrote and starred in the school’s Senior play.

The Case of the Murder that Wasn’t, had her bouncing around stage as a savvy detective with a bumbling side-kick, attempting to solve the murder of a rich aristocrat. The off-color humor had audiences in stitches for three days and nights- to the delight of her and her family. However, despite the success of her writing and acting, the young A. L. graduated High School with honors and then immediately went on to start college in search of her (three) subsequent degrees in Psychology.

It wasn’t until years later that things would come full-circle as Indie Publishing has become more and more popular and the itch to write more overwhelming. Momentarily hanging up her hat as a Child and Family Counselor, A. L. has once again plunged her hands back into writing; spinning wild tales for her own enjoyment and hopefully the enjoyment of her audiences.


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