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Title: Aftermath (Fated Date Agency #9)
Author Name & Publisher: Abraham Steele
Publication Date & Length: December 31st, 2015 — 227 pages


The Fated Date Agency closed its doors just days before Zack turned eighteen. Completely alone in the world, the young shifter craves the love that only a mate can provide. He vows to do whatever it takes to find his omega – including tracking down the agency’s owner across the globe.

But Praya can’t help this time. She already matched every alpha and omega in the country, and Zack’s mate isn’t on file. If Zack wants to find love and start a family, he’ll have to embark on an epic quest that will take years and span continents.

When all hope seems lost, will the stubborn alpha manage to find his omega? And if he does, will his mate be everything he expected?

Aftermath is the ninth and final book in the Fated Date Agency series. This 200-page gay shifter romance novel is best enjoyed after reading the other books.

Guaranteed HEA ending for the entire series, and no cliffhangers!

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I have only read the previous 2 books before this one, but I have enjoyed them both. This one, however, I found to be somewhat lacking. From the very beginning, Zack was driven – he needed to find his Omega. This singular drive became his obsession and despite seeking Praya out and having her teach him how to figure out who his Omega might be, it takes Zach an obscenely long time to figure out who his Omega is.

This was mostly a story about how Zack learns the business – takes over the match making business that Praya began. It was far less about the love story and I think that was what I disliked the most. I wish, especially for the ending of the series (unless there will be another one or spin off series) I wish it would have gone out with an epic love story.

Another issue I had with this story was that Zack was not very nice to anyone – even once he finds Korey – he is hot, then cold, wants him but wants to go out and help those who are searching for their mates, regardless of Korey’s life. And, what makes these issues much more pronounced is that we never know why Zack runs hot and cold. It’s just something that we have to accept.

I think the redeeming factor in this story was Korey’s outlook on life. And, despite the fact that he bends way too easily to what Zack wants, I know that it’s because of love that he does. I do wish that he was able to stand up to Zack and demand more respect and love – it seemed that he was willing to let himself be consumed by what Zack wanted, rather than create a partnership.

All in all, this was a good way for this series to end – but, in a way, it does give hope that perhaps there will be a spin off of international matches.



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