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A&A Salvage

Title: A&A Salvage
Author Name: Lucy Kemnitzer
Publication Date & Length: December 10, 2014 — 70 pages


Elisabeth and Melissa live a quiet life, running their mechanic shop together. The biggest drama in their life is Melissa occasionally having to remind men that she’s happily taken.

Then they’re called to pick up an abandoned car that proves to be unidentifiable and without an owner. It also has a strange radio that plays music both strange and familiar, stirring up memories and longings Elisabeth believed long buried.

Then a mysterious, beautiful woman arrives to claim the car and threatens to draw Elisabeth into a world far beyond the happy, stable life she’s built…

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 ThreeandHalfStarsThis book has taken a lot of thought into how I should rate it. I do feel as though it needs two ratings. One for the first 75%-80% and one for the last 20%. I almost put this book down many, many times throughout my reading it. The only thing that kept me reading was because I felt obligated to finish it. It’s for a review blog, right? If I had bought it, I probably would have put it down and not looked back.It wasn’t until I got to about 80% of the book when there was finally a plot and something finally made sense and there were scenes with conversation and showing and not telling. This is when the story actually took off, and there wasn’t just a random car and some mechanics who live a blissfully unattactive and unexciting life with no personality.

The lack of story-telling and showing in the beginning is really what put me off. Then the randomness of what was happening that had no sense and no characterization to keep it interesting. If this story had started maybe 70% in, I would have loved it. If that extra 70% had shown up at the end of the story and been about the after discovery, this book could have been 5 stars.

Unless this is part of a series, I almost fail to see the point of it. A great series about everything that is going on (which I can’t say because SPOILER!). I would love to read a series about the rest of it, but just reading about these two women at A&A Salvage was rather boring in comparison to what else was going on.

The last 20% of this book saved it from being a DNF and a 1-2 star book for me. Finally there was plot and personality and story-telling. But it wasn’t able to redeem it enough for me to really recommend it to anyone.



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I also write fiction under the pseudonym plumblossom.

I write science fiction and fantasy stories and novels. Sometimes I also write contemporary friendship romances of the lighter sort.

My stories are about decent, imperfect people, trying to do the right thing in difficult circumstances while generally lacking the best equipment. Sometimes that’s pretty dramatic, sometimes it’s just kind of funny. Or both. I like to write about culture clash and crossed wires. My imagination might take me out among the stars or it might take me down the street.

I hope you’ll like peeking into the worlds where my stories go.

My photo was taken in Berlin, at the public park dedicated to Bertolt Brecht. The words are from his magnificent poem “To Posterity.”

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