3.5 Star Review for The Awakening by Dawn Carter #FF #Paranormal

CoverTitle: The Awakening
Author Name & Publisher: Dawn Carter (Rose Quartz Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: January 20, 2016 – 210 pgs


What do you get when you combine a powerful immortal witch with an immortal warrior of the Gods in holy matrimony? An indestructible team.
Nira who was once a vampire made a pact with the Gods to fight the evil, and in return, she would regain her humanity and become an immortal warrior for the Gods.
Stephanie, who had just come into her powers, teamed up with Nira to destroy the chaos that reigned terror upon the streets. As promised the Gods bestowed immortality upon her.
Nira, along with her life partner Stephanie, had fought hard for centuries to keep the evils of the world abet. Coming full circle, history repeats itself, vengeance being the end game.
Pitted against time itself, they fervently search for the sources of evil. What they find in the darkness could destroy all hope for the future.

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Tiffany, a vampire, has to leave her life among humans when her tastes become evident. She ends up living on a deserted beach with Nira, a warrior of the gods, but Nira really loves another,Stephanie, a witch. After Nira leaves to marry her true love, Synaria chains Tiffany in a cave and there she lavishes for centuries.
This story blends sexual jealousy, vampire hunting, cruelty and gore. Tiffany, once free, seeks revenge on Synaria and on Stephanie who she blames for Nira leaving her. We find out all of their backstories and how they came to be. There was a lot of dream-state revelations, actual dreams and visions and sometimes I found it hard to keep track. Also who should be trusted? Who should I feel sorry for or root for? I found myself all over the place trying to decide. The family element with Nira, Stephanie and their daughter was really good and the introduction of Rhonda and the child really worked. It upped the tension and fear factor. The steamy scenes were very detailed and some were loving and tender, others not so pleasant. Good defeats evil in the end and I found it a satisfying conclusion.

Kitty Kat


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Originally from England, Dawn now lives in Texas with her two children. Dawn finds the relaxed atmosphere a wonderful place to pursue her love of writing. When she is not working or writing, she is gardening, cooking, reading, and volunteering her time as a Paralegal for Legal Aid. Her interests in writing include poetry, short stories, novels and journalistic feature writing.  

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