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Title: Packmaster (Full Moon Rising #1)
Author Name: Jess Buffett
Publication Date & Length: October 16, 2015 – 72 pgs


Kyan had never known true kindness, or what it felt like to be completely entranced by one person…until he met Blaise. When his life spins out of control, and a whole new world is opened up to him, he finds that the only human being he can turn to, may not even be human at all.

Blaise has spent months trying to figure out the best way to approach his shy and nervous mate. As the Packmaster in the small town of Rowan Oak, he isn’t used to having to show restraint or patience. When he finally makes his move a turn of events involving a forgotten note, a disappearing mate, and trouble with a group of hunters leads to disastrous results.

When Blaise finally catches up to Kyan, what he finds and the answers he gets are nothing like what he had been expecting. Will the pair be able to straighten out their misunderstandings and find the happiness they both long for, or will the Packmaster lose the only thing he has ever had to fight for?

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This was a strange story for me.  It was filled with fast paced scenes, some sweet scenes and then scenes that I was not really understanding.  It was also somewhat contradictory.  You have a shifter predator who is mated to a prey shifter, male pregnancy thrown in, a group of hunters who you know almost nothing about – only that they are hunting, but not why, then, I felt like I was left standing over a cliff – not sure if the wind would blow me over or pull me back.

The actual characters, I felt, had very little development.  I like that you were able to see the beginning of their relationship, but the middle was just filled with sex.  There was this strange jump in time and despite knowing that mates will always find a way to forgive, I felt that with how hurt Kyan was, he forgave too quickly.  Blaise was just that, a blaze through the story.  I never quite pinned him down for what type of character he was.

I think that I would like to see where this goes, but would have liked the story more had it been more developed.



When I read the description, I had assumed that “Packmaster” would be a werewolf story. I was wrong. lol.
Blaise is a bear shifter, the alpha known as Packmaster. The first chapter jumped 6 months into Kyan and Blaise’s meeting. I was disappointed cause I wanted to read that. Kyan is already on the run on chapter 2, skipping ahead to 4 months later. He’s being chased by hunters and Blaise saves him.
They were a cute couple. Kyan was a rabbit shifter, which was funny to me for some reason. I thought Kyan was going to be a sad, needy guy, but he wasn’t. He was actually feisty. I liked that. Blaise I really couldn’t connect with. Not enough time for both characters to be fully developed in my opinion. 70+ chapters should have at least given me that. So 3 stars.
Also, Blaise told Kyan that there are no dragon shifters, yet at the end, Blaise tells Kyan that his long lost friend is a Dragon shifter and is the twin of one of his other friends. That didn’t make sense… Ah well. All in all, it was okay. 🙂
This book started out rushed. The prologue covered how Blaise and Kyan met and got together. I wish this would have been expanded cause I really would have liked to have read their conversations and more detail on the beginning of their relationship.  Chapter one started the story four months later and then continued on a present timeline.

It’s a great story overall, though. The plot line is interesting, the dialogue is really good and funny (love Kyan’s sense of humor), but I wish the characters and relationships were more developed.  An idea would be to have a genesis book. The background story about the beginning of Blaise and Kyan’s relationship. I believe that would give all of us readers what we’re dying for:  how they met and about those four months in much greater detail.

This book is part of a series. Two more books are scheduled to follow. Each book telling the story of the brothers.

I would recommend this book to others because the plot line is different from other shifter stories that I’ve read being that it includes hunters and a very special car. Also, this book included an mpreg which fit in nicely with the storyline. That makes me wonder if the other two books will also include mpreg. That would be a very interesting read. I can just picture the cubs running around with the brothers watching over them being all protective.



Kyan ran. His legs burned, his chest was tight and the fear that clogged his throat was so completely overwhelming that he just knew at any minute his entire body would give out on him. The heavy rain pelted down hard, and his small stature, with hardly any muscle or bulk of any form, quivered from the strain. He pushed himself through the pain, refusing to give up. The abhorrent idea of allowing the monsters that chased him, to catch up, was the only thing that kept him moving. That, and the small flutter he felt in his stomach. The reminder that he was not only running for his own life, but that of his unborn child’s. Even now, with the small protrusion in his lower abdomen, the thought almost sent him careening off course.

Pregnant! How could a man be pregnant? It just shouldn’t be possible. Kyan swiped his auburn hair out of his face, so that he could see better. The normally spiky locks hung plastered to his forehead by sweat and rain.

“There he is. Get him!” One of the many voices that had taunted him for the last hour, shouted.

Alarm shot through him when he realized just how close they had gotten to him. A whimper broke free as he darted his way through the thick foliage and branches that stuck out and cut through his skin. He almost lost his footing over a protruding tree root, but luckily he was able to leap at the last moment, landing firmly on his two feet.

Just as he regained his stride, a heavy mass ploughed into his side, sending him careening to the ground. He barely had enough time to twist so as not to fall onto his stomach. His entire frame ached, and all he could do was curl up into a ball, protecting himself and his child as much as possible.

“Please,” he begged. “God, please.”

“Shhh,” came a vicious hiss from above him. Firm hands clamped down hard on him as he attempted to shrug them off. “Do you want them to find us? Keep still and be quiet.”

He froze at the menacing yet familiar voice, and only then became aware that at some stage he must have closed his eyes. Prying them open, Kyan stared at the hulking man above him in shock, confusion and not a little bit “Blaise?”

A hand quickly covered his mouth as Blaise growled. “For the love of god, Kyan. Shut. Up.”


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Jess Buffett was born and raised in New South Wales, Australia. She is a mum of two, married to her high school sweetheart.

Jess is a hopeless romantic who is a huge fan of M/M and M/F romance with a happy ending—anything with hunky men in all their glory, whether they be Shifters, Vampires, Cowboys, or the boy next door.

A caffeine addict who shamefully can’t make a decent cup of coffee to save her life, Jess believes in soul mates, happily ever afters, and in love at first sight, but that sometimes people need a second or a third for the brain to catch up.


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