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Title: My Bodyguard
Author Name: Derek Adams
Publication Date & Length: November 28, 2014 – 38pgs


Jeff’s desire to go to college and live a normal life is undermined by his crime boss father’s insistence that he be accompanied at all times by a bodyguard. Jeff does his best to despise Vic Torres, but his disdain is gradually turned to desire by the man’s quiet charm and his undeniable sex appeal. Try as he might, Jeff can’t breach the barricades Vic has erected between them until one fateful night when their quiet world is rocked by violence.

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I guess if your looking for something to read quickly this would be great. It was extremely short.  Not much of a story to it.

I would have liked to know more about Jeff’s family, it was only mentioned that his father was a crime boss, a little back story would have been nice.  It would have been nice to know why he needed a bodyguard.  Everything just happened so quickly in book it left you wanting more.

The most exciting part of the story was when someone kidnapped Jeff and Vic came to his rescue.  That started the part when they finally got together.  I did like that Vic sat in Jeff’s classes and participated, had to laugh at that.

I think if it had a little more to it, it could be a very good book.



This is a short, sexy, fun story that I was able to read in about the time it took to have breakfast and coffee.

Because it’s so short, there wasn’t really time to get to know the characters as well as with a longer work. However, I think for something that length, there was just enough to get at least a fair sense of Jeff and Vic. While this was clearly mostly a vehicle for the hot sex, there was enough plot to keep me interested.

I did enjoy the way Jeff seemed like a very typical horny college freshman, and his advances towards Vic were pretty entertaining. I’m not sure we got a good sense that these guys are bound for a particularly deep relationship, but at least they get their happy-for-now.

The sex was hot, though I found some elements just a bit over-the-top for my preference. I’m sure other readers will have a different opinion; that’s not faulty writing, that’s individual taste.

I’m glad I picked this one up. 4 stars.



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Derek Adams has been writing for the print media for a number of years and is now making a second debut in the realm of e-publishing. His most recent publication is the novella ‘Safe Harbor.’ In addition, he has over a dozen short stories available from MLR Books and Extasy Books. He is also the author of a popular series of humorous erotic novels featuring Detective Miles Diamond, currently available from Extasy Books.Mr. Adams lives near Seattle.


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