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Title: Genesis (Evolution #2)
Author Name & Publisher: Lissa Kasey (DSP Publication)
Publication Date & Length: October 13, 2015 – 200 pgs


Evolution made music history when one bandmate turned vampire and another joined the vampire hate movement Preservation Group. Gene is trying to cling to the music as his relationship with Kerstrande begins to spiral into the darkness of hidden demons. Jaded by his years as a vampire flunkie, Kerstrande uses his newly won power over New York City to destroy his enemies and protect Gene. But a demon called a Fallen begins to take control of KC, slowly devouring his soul and through him the entire city. Battling against the evil that wants to destroy him, Kerstrande fights to hold onto Gene’s brightness.

A power unlike any other grows within Gene and shines like a beacon to the demons surrounding him. Realizing that only he can save his lover, Gene is willing to do anything to shake the darkness loose. Even if it means reshaping the future, the band, and his own existence.

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3.5 Mess With Your Head Stars!
I read the first book in this series and I found it interesting and heartfelt. I definitely recommend reading the first one, Evolution, or you will be lost.
I definitely have to give the author some props for creating a series that will keep you on your toes and your emotions stretched to the absolute maximum. Lissa Kasey takes you on an adventure that will leave you depleted and exasperated and joyous and completely pissed off at some parts!!! Isn’t that the sign of an amazing author? The emotions they can invoke.
This story does not disappoint but it does disappoint at some parts. Contradictory eh? Well, that’s how I felt reading it. Loved it and hated it, sometimes on the same page!!!
My favourite part, alternating POV’s. I love LOVE being inside the head of men. Its gritty, and grungy, and raw. Captivating to read such powerful emotions.
If you dare, jump on the crazy train and hold on, its gonna be a bumpy, but not a boring ride! haha


So as much as I did like the first book in this series, sadly this one was just not for me…
With this book Genesis and Kerstrande start of having problems so they break up and get back together then later on in the book it happens again. Well I have to say I am not a fan of a lot of on and off in a relationship between the two MC’s happening in a book so that got a little annoying.
Then there was the way Kerstrande treated Genesis by the way he talks to him, then letting him go off and get hurt by one of his associates. Yes he did have some good moments but all the bad things he did too Genesis overshadowed that for me so I was left thinking Genesis could do so much better.
I do understand Genesis’s character more know and how much he does care for his family and friends. Also there was his loneliness which I think made me feel worse for him being in a relationship with Kerstrande because honestly to me he deserved so much better. So sadly after this reading this book I no longer feel like they fit together so well anymore.
I still loved the world this author built and were she was going with this story. There were just a few parts sadly in this book that unfortunately overshadowed the good for me.

So I am sad to say this book was just not for me…



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Lissa Kasey is more than just romance. She specializes in depth characters, detailed world building, and twisting plots to keep you clinging to your book reader. All stories have a side of romance, emotionally messed up protagonists and feature LGBTGA spectrum characters facing real world problems no matter how fictional the story.

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