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Title: Fistful of Lies
Author Name & Publisher: Helena Maeve (Pride Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: November 17, 2015 – 228 pgs


If you wanted to, how would you kill your lover?

Freshly sacked from his professorship, Reuben could do without a month-long holiday on his boyfriend’s private island. But he may as well enjoy the perks while they last. As soon as details of his dismissal surface, he’s sure to wind up alone with his murder mystery fixation.

Born with a silver spoon firmly between his teeth, Leif Claeson is no stranger to loss. He and twin sister Petra could lose their father’s creaking multinational at any moment lest they fulfill his last wishes to the letter. Then again, Leif has always been something of a wild card. He’d rather vacation with his lover than worry about the future. When a stranger crashes their holiday, Leif sees only the potential for blissful debauchery. Ruben disagrees.

Power and sex make for a potent cocktail and everyone in Leif’s inner circle has a stake in what becomes of this Hellenic paradise. As Leif and Reuben struggle to reconcile their feelings with the strange happenings on the island, a chain of events is set in motion that could endanger their very lives.

Reader Advisory: This books contains scenes of MMM ménage, drug use and murder.

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I don’t know if this book is going to be part of a series, but it seemed like I needed to know more right off the bat.  It felt like I had been plopped down in the middle of a story and had to quickly catch up or be left behind.
The flow of the story, for me, was somewhat difficult.  While I like that the story was told from past and present events, it was tricky to constantly be switching back and forth.
Then, you have a somewhat predictable mystery, with a very strange resolution.  There was angst, some heart ache, emotion, but in the end, it was a flat ending for me.
The chemistry among the two main characters was OK, but there seemed to be a lot going on with not a lot of explanation or description.
Overall, this was not one of my more favorite Maeve stories and I usually really enjoy those.

So I honestly loved where this author was going with this story with the whole who done it…

But “beware this is a spoiler for some” I can not stand cheating in a book, that is one of my pet peeves and unfortunately this book is filled with it. Between this man sleeping with this man, then the next day someone else and on and on. There was just so much of it that I really was not a fan..

Then there was the fact I felt so lost through some of this book and it took me awhile to catch up. Now this book is a ménage between so I did think those parts were very steamy and hot! I did not really see a relationship between Rueben, Leif and Marcus at all. There was just to much lying and secret keeping for me to believe they fit together well.

Now the twist at the end I did not see that coming and WOW!!! I did enjoy parts of this story but unfortunately the sleeping around between all the characters in this book not just the MC’s brought down this book for me and I am sad to say as much as I really did like where this story was going this book was sadly just not for me.



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Hobbies are a funny thing. Before I thought to give the whole novelist gig a shot, I looked at writing as my defining passion. It was the thing that relaxed me after a long day or on a rainy weekend, something I could do on buses and trains, or when I was delayed in airport lounges (which happened often). Basically, it was the sort of thing that passed the time when I didn’t want to be doing anything that could be put on a To Do list.

Over the last three years, this has changed. I still enjoy writing, of course, but now I’m conscious that it’s a task that must be done sooner or later. The elves really don’t sneak in during the night to finish your draft for you.

When I first began eyeing the ‘What’s His Passion’ imprint, my initial thought was that I wanted to step off the beaten path and give my protagonist an uncommon pastime. More than that, I wanted to give him the sort of hobby that wouldn’t do much good in the breaking the ice at parties or impressing judges in the talent portion of the Miss Universe pageant. I gave due consideration to self-defence demonstrations and making wine glasses sing, but both of those have been proven to serve some purpose.

Athletic pastimes have obvious benefits for one’s health. Gardening is supposed to relax you. Knitting is all about hand-eye coordination and muscle reflex.

But what about reading?

As a writer, I have a vested interest in arguing that we need books to fuel our imaginations and keep us going. As a reader, I know I sometimes connect with books because they fit my mood or explore an issue I haven’t made peace with—or simply out of spite because I refuse to be defeated by a paperback.

In Reuben’s case, his passion for crime fiction makes him a font of information about how to kill someone and get away with it. His lover and his friends are amused by this party trick, but they’re also derisive. Puzzling out if the butler did it is maybe not the most exciting way to spend an afternoon. But add an attempted murder and a limited number of suspects to the mix, and suddenly a man who whiles away the hours delving into criminal brainteasers is a useful addition to any group.

As the quest to find the would-be killer steps up and Reuben’s motives in uncovering his identity come under suspicion, our hero soon discovers that the price for real-life sleuthing may not be as clean and painless as it is in his beloved reading material. Because that’s the thing with dangerous hobbies—they’re harmless until they’re not.


Helena Maeve has always been a globe trotter with a fondness for adventure, but only recently has she started putting to paper the many stories she’s collected in her excursions. When she isn’t writing erotic romance novels, she can usually be found in an airport or on a plane, furiously penning in her trusty little notebook.


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