3.5 and 3 Stars for Branding Her: Beginnings & Holidays (Book 1, E01 & E02) by Alex B. Porter #F/F #Erotica


Title: Branding Her (Beginnings & Holidays)
Author Name & Publisher: Alex B. Porter
Publication Date & Length: November 12th 2015- 164 pages


Branding Her – Steamy Lesbian Romance Series
When single mom Kaylee lands a new job everything seems to be falling into place. Then Alexis comes along. A woman who doesn’t take no for an answer. Will Kaylee let go of her fears and insecurities to fully indulge in Alexis or will it all get too much?

BOOK 1 : Episodes 1 & 2
E01: Beginnings E02: Holidays BONUS: Ten Years Earlier

A woman with an unpleasant past…

With a mother who does not approve of her choices and an unplanned pregnancy, Kaylee has never had it easy, but now her life is starting to look a little brighter. A new home. A new school for her young boy. A new position in a company that can lead to the job of her dreams. Everything seems to be falling into place.

Then Alex comes along.

A firm rap on her cubicle wall made her turn with a start. Kaylee’s eyes drifted up the navy dress skirt and white blouse to meet those vibrant green eyes again.

“Grab your things. I’m taking you to lunch.”

A woman who doesn’t take no for an answer…

Cool and confident, Alex is a woman who knows what she wants and gets what she wants. And she wants her. Eyes set on Kaylee, she sweeps her off her feet.


They share the joys of intimacy and the freedom of being who they really are.

But while Kaylee is falling hard and fast, Alex remains her stoic self. It leaves Kaylee riddled with doubt and questioning whether or not Alex feels the same way about her.

Will this relationship end in heartbreak like what Kaylee is used to? Or will this be the beginning of her fantasies coming true?

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It took me a few chapters to get into this book as I found the style quite stilted -especially the speech. It didn’t seem to flow naturally but it did get better as the story progressed.
The steamy scenes were very well written and extremely explicit, although I found the use of the word ‘womanhood’ a bit bizarre and not realistic. Who on earth describes it as that?
It was a quick, easy read and the story of Kaylee and Alex getting together was ok but not really convincing. It seemed to me that Alex wasn’t that bothered on way or the other and then the next minute she was all mushy. Kaylee had problems from the past to deal with and this made her a bit of a worrier. Maybe that is why they seemed to have problems connecting .
Since this is the first in a series, I hope the story will develop more satisfyingly in the next book.

~Kitty Kat


There were a lot of things to like about this first book, but a couple of things were a bit problematic for me. First, the way it’s written makes it feel rushed. That is, the pace feels fast and urgent, and there doesn’t seem to be a reason for it. The second thing, which probably stems from the first, is that throughout the whole book there’s this feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop. I kept waiting for something to be wrong with Alex, or for something to happen that split them up. Third, the flashbacks are a bit weird and so far, there hasn’t been much of a point to them. And fourth, and this is probably a personal pet peeve, the author keeps using British words and vernacular even though the story is set in America. Lastly, these first two episodes don’t deliver on the type of sex intimated by the title, so a little disappointed there.

At the end of the book, the story was nice enough, although I’m not sure I would have picked up book two right away. Still, it was enjoyable and it kept me reading.

~Amy P


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