3.5 and 3 Stars for Branding Her 2: Mutual Fun & Business Trip [E03 & E04]: (Steamy Lesbian Romance Series) by Alex B Porter #F/F #Erotica

Title: Branding Her: Mutual Fun & Business Trip [E03 and E04] (Steamy Lesbian Romance Series)
Author Name & Publisher: Alex B Porter (Createspace Independent Publishing Platform)
Publication Date & Length: November 18th 2015- 154 pages


Branding Her – Steamy Lesbian Romance Series
When single mom Kaylee lands a new job everything seems to be falling into place. Then Alexis comes along. A woman who doesn’t take no for an answer. Will Kaylee let go of her fears and insecurities to fully indulge in Alexis or will it all get too much?

BOOK 2 : Episodes 3 & 4

  • E03: Mutual Fun
  • E04: Business Trip
  • BONUS: Valentine’s Day

Things are finally looking up for single mom, Kaylee.


Her new job as a designer’s assistant is her gateway to the world of fashion design and the pitch the company is working on allows her to showcase her talents. Sure, there is the constant stress and the lack of personal time, but there’s nothing like doing what you’re most passionate about.


Alexis is everything Kaylee can wish for: beautiful, smart, and caring, especially towards Kaylee’s son. Alexis’ stoic façade melts in the bedroom, replaced by the most passionate woman who rocks her world every time.

But business can’t mix with pleasure.

Office policy forbids employee relationships, forcing them to keep their passion for each other hidden and disguised as mere friendship.


“You’re so beautiful you know. I love your dress. I can hardly take my eyes off you.” Alex’s eyes roamed all over the temptation before her. She was having difficulty restraining her urge to ravage Kaylee in the street. “I wish I could walk arm in arm with you, and let everyone know that you’re mine.”

The words made Kaylee’s heart melt, yearning for that very thing.

Without warning, Alex quickly leaned in and kissed Kaylee, nothing deep or overly romantic, but a kiss in broad daylight nonetheless. It made her feel like the luckiest girl on the planet.

Until the next moment, that is, when Rose showed up.

Will they overcome this challenge to their newfound love or will it drive them apart?

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Having read the first book in this series I hoped that this would be an improvement. Kaylee and Alex’s relationship developed but still seemed a bit odd. There were plenty of steamy scenes and again they were well written and increasingly erotic.
The relationship had challenges due to their work commitments. Co-worker relationships were not allowed at their design firm and fear of being found out was always in the background. Also Kaylee’s mother was very bigoted and made it very plain.
I felt their was an improvement in the storytelling and it flowed more naturally. I enjoyed this more than book 1.

Kitty Kat


So things are going along quite well for Kaylee and Alex. Sure, work has become overwhelming and stressful, and they have very little time to spend together, but despite the lack of contact outside of work, they’re growing closer and closer together. Kaylee is thinking in terms of love, but she’s a little scared of Alex’s reaction to that. So she keeps quiet. Until it comes out in a semi-conscious moment. This leads to a little revelation from Alex in turn, and Alex’s secret turns the heat up quite a bit.

Again, the story is easy to read and engaging. I also really liked the turn the sex scenes took after Alex is honest about herself with Kaylee. That was enough of an enticement that I’m really looking forward to Book 3. Still some of those same problems from the first in the series, but the characters are growing on me.

Amy P


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Alex B Porter is a fiction author of steamy lesbian romance. At 32 years old, Alex hails from Shoreditch, London via Belfast but has spent significant time in the United States. She currently resides in East London with her lifetime partner, a talented artist, and their only “child”, Neko the cat. Alex was unhappy in her hectic, big-city career, and recently ditched the corporate world to pursue her dream of writing and curating ‘romantica’ for lesbian, bi and women. When she isn’t spinning her sexy stories to the beat of a large Merlot, Alex enjoys travel, music, the arts, and experimentation.


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