3 & 4 Stars for Please Baby by S.L. Kassidy #FF #ROMANCE


Title: Please Baby
Author Name: S.L. Kassidy
Publication Date & Length: July 27, 2014 – 278 pgs


Jayce Newtons’s life is going downhill after she rescues her little niece from an awful situation. She plans to hold onto her niece and gain custody of her, but there are some factors against her. Her girlfriend doesn’t want the baby around. Her mother wants to take the baby from her, and her brother has disappeared. Things only seem to get worse when Gus Tucker comes into her life.
Gus Tucker’s life isn’t going much better. She recently divorced her wife and moved into a new home. She’s looking forward to a new start and spending time with her sister. Before she can do that, though, she ends up causing trouble for Jayce Newton, getting her fired from her job and kicked out of her home. She tries to make it up to Jayce by taking her in during her time of need. Now, it’s just a struggle to see if they’re able to coexist in the same house with a baby between them.

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Revolving around three main protagonists I found this book lacked any excitement or a story line strong enough to hold my attention. The constant conversations and lack of depth in any description left me constantly waiting for something more to happen.
Unfortunately I found the book far to predictable.
This is a very well written great read. I did not want to put it down.
I loved how it showed just how much of an negative impact you can make on someones life by jumping to conclusions, But also how much of an impact a single act of unselfishness can have also.
I also liked how it proved first impressions can be wrong. I really enjoyed this book and how the characters attitudes and feelings were brought to life.
It is a heartbreaking story that is filled with hope and defeating  the odds.


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What is there to know about me? Not much. I was bred, born, and raised in New York and I have no desire to live anywhere else. One day, I would like to travel to a few places, but for now I am content where I am.

I started out writing poetry in junior high and continued to do so for ten years. I wrote short stories, usually fantasy and romance stories, for my own entertainment throughout high school and college. Back then, I wrote strictly for me and those stories remain locked in the back of my closet in little notebooks, written in my almost unreadable, tiny handwriting. In between writing those stories and poetry, I managed to get a college degree in history.

After graduating college, I had a semester off before graduate school and I didn’t really have anything to do with my time. So, I took a chance and wrote a fan-fic and dared to upload it to the Internet. I was surprised that other people enjoyed my work and I’ve been posting ever since. I had quite a bit of fun with fan fiction and eventually decided to try my hand in original fiction. I suppose it was sort of like coming back around to what I had been doing in high school and college, except this time the stories were for whoever wanted to read them. I uploaded my first original story a few years ago and haven’t looked back. I plan to continue writing as long as I continue getting ideas for stories and it continues to be fun. (from the publisher’s website)

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